Friday, April 15, 2011

Julia's Birthday

I think Julia had a good birthday. In the morning we were getting ready for her little birthday party and she could tell something special was going on because she was going crazy running around the house as I blew up balloons and and hung the birthday banner.

After her nap Robert came home early from work and a few of her little friends came over for a party. We had to have a piñata since Julia loves watching the home videos of her 1st birthday and last Christmas when she hit the piñatas. She was a little less enthusiastic about it than I was expecting, but she still give it a few good whacks and then wanted to try again after the other kids had a turn (at Christmas she wouldn't even put down the stick after I told her to stop) . All the little kids took turns hitting the piñata and then I took a few good whacks at it and broke it, much to their surprise/dismay.

Julia's first swings at the piñata.

Her reaction when I broke it, kind of a "whoa, what just happened here?"

They got it over it pretty quickly and we helped them pick up their piñata loot: finger puppets, stickers, fruit snacks and animal cookies.

Afterwards we sang Happy Birthday and ate cake and ice cream. Julia has known and looked forward to this tradition for weeks since Robert's birthday at the end of March. I thought she was pretty funny during the singing because she just sat there solemnly and looked around at all of us. I could just see her thinking, "this is it, the time has finally come when they are singing to me." After I helped her blow out the candle and everyone had cake we just let the kids just run around and play hyped up on sugar.

In the evening Julia got to talk to a lot of family and open up presents family members had sent her.
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