Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pregnancy Dreams

I remember with Julia I had some weird pregnancy dreams, and this baby is following right along. The last couple nights I dreamt about having babies and giving birth. The first dream I dreamed that I had twins (a boy and a girl) and we went to visit my family. I decided to stay home from church with the twins, but was going crazy trying to find all Julia's church clothes all the while thinking that I needed to wake up the babies to feed them because they were still too little and fragile to go all night without a feeding.

Don't get any ideas about my dream meaning we are having twins. We actually already had an ultrasound because early on my doctor did an ultrasound at her office and thought she might have seen two heartbeats. So she sent me to a real ultrasound tech to see if I did have twins (I think the little machine in the dr. office isn't detailed enough to tell for sure. Same thing happened with Julia, the doctor did a little ultrasound, thought they saw something, and referred me to get another real ultrasound.)

It was a weird one hour from the time I had my first apt. to the time the ultrasound tech told me I just had one baby in there. Luckily they had an open appointment right away so I didn't have to wait days wondering what if. So anyway, just one baby and my due date is supposedly really accurate because early ultrasounds can tell you pretty exactly how far along you are since there is not a lot of variation in development that early on. My due date was moved nine days later from March 10 to March 19th after my ultrasound.

Now on to my second dream. I dreamed that I was going into labor so Robert and I were driving to the hospital, only I could tell we weren't going to make it before the baby came. So I told him to pull over and stop right there. We happened to have stopped at a mechanic garage, so we went inside and told the mechanic I was having a baby. Robert was trying to get me to wait longer, but I reached down and could feel the baby's head, and then it just popped out! This baby was a boy.

After that it got really detailed, the least of which was Robert having to tie off the umbilical cord with a shoelace and cut the cord. We had called 911 to tell them we were having a baby at the mechanic's (The mechanics were meanwhile standing in a corner saying "Wow, this has never happened here before.") and half an hour later a truck full of nurses arrived. Some started taking care of the baby, some attended to me, but most of them started preparing hot chocolate and eclairs for all the well wishers that we were expecting to come see us at the mechanics!
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