Sunday, October 02, 2011

San Antonio and Austin

Also in early September we took a trip out to San Antonio and Austin to visit Robert's brother and his family and go to the BYU game. On Saturday we did all the touristy stuff in San Antonio.

We remembered the Alamo (fully decked out in our BYU shirts. Go Cougars!)
Took a ride on the river at the River Walk. Here Tyler and Julia wait patiently for our turn to get on the boat.
On the boat.

Then that evening the kiddos stayed with a babysitter (probably the longest Julia has ever been with a sitter, but it was wonderful to be able to actually enjoy the game without having to keep a two year old entertained) and we drove up to Austin for the Texas vs BYU game. The stadium was huge! And our seats were in the BYU section at the very top.
It was a little hot before the sun went down so snow cones were definitely in order to keep two pregnant ladies cool. Once the sun went down we could actually enjoy the game.
It was a fun game, but the Cougars just couldn't come through on all their plays and they ended up losing by one point, 17-16. It was pretty sad. I was impressed by the Texas fans though, nobody gave us a hard time for being BYU fans and nobody was rubbing it in our faces that they won. There were even a couple people (I think one might have been a little tipsy though) who thanked us for such a great game. The rest of the weekend we just enjoyed being with family and eating good Tex-Mex and Texas BBQ.
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