Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sporting Events

Last weekend we went to the Air Force vs. Navy game at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Since they are both sporting events I'm also going to group in our latest baseball game in here too since it's been like a month since we went and I haven't blogged about it and don't really remember much about it anyway...

So, last month we went to a Dodgers vs Nationals game here in Washington DC.

Nationals mini-helmet (that was once full of ice-cream): check.

I'm starting to feel the crunch of getting things done here (i.e. sights visited) on the East Coast. We only have eight months until we move back to L.A., which may still sound like a lot, but we only have six months until the baby comes and I'm not counting on getting much done in the month and half we are still in DC after the baby is here (although that's baseball season and Robert insists we are travelling all over to get in more baseball games. I told him I think he may be going by himself, possibly with Julia) Plus, only five months if we want to travel to anywhere on the East Coast since you shouldn't travel the month before the baby comes. Then December is pretty much out with travelling to L.A. and Utah and our October is pretty booked. So that gives us November, January, and February to fit everything in.

Anyway, back to the game. Hmm, don't really remember much. We had great seats since Robert got the tickets from work. Julia sat through the entire game or played with the empty seats next to us. It was an overcast day, but thankfully only drizzled a little since we were bracing ourselves for sitting through a downpour. Don't remember who won, but I'll guess Dodgers because Robert was still in a good mood after the game.
Then yesterday we went to Julia's first football game. We bought the tickets months ago and it didn't even register that this was also going to be conference Saturday. So I have to admit, we did not watch conference yesterday. But we have it recorded, so hopefully we can get it all in segments this week.

We sat in the standing room only section, which is a section with no seats, just grass where you can spread out your blanket. Perfect for kids so Julia was pretty happy rolling around on the floor most of the game and clapping and cheering when everyone else did. It was also a rainy day, but it held off raining until the very last three minutes of the game. And then they went into overtime.
Julia spent overtime under my legs in a makshift tent made out of a Mickey Mouse poncho playing games on Robert's phone. The game was really exciting. Navy came back in the last minute to tie the game. Then got a touchdown in overtime, but missed their extra point because they got a penalty and had to move back 15 yards to kick the field goal. Then Air Force got a touchdown and got their extra point to win the game.

Afterwards we went down to the Naval academy visitor center (but didn't see the campus since it was pouring rain). I wanted to get Julia the sailor hat because it's so cute, but she wanted a toy bear and we weren't about to get her two things. You'd think she was spoiled or something. So she she got an other teddy bear for her growing and much loved collection. Then we got dinner at Chick and Ruths Delly and picked up some fudge at the candy store for snacking on during conference today.

P.S. I lost my dinner after writing this post and in the middle of proof reading, so excuse any typos that I may have missed. I thought I might be able to stay up and finish these posts, but I guess I was wrong. Well, I finished, but not without suffering the consequences. Honestly, I don't remember being sick still with Julia at 16 weeks, is it ever going to end?
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