Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Down on the Farm

There are quite a few little farms in Maryland and Virginia that do corn mazes and autumn festivals, so we decided to get into the fall spirit and go to one last Saturday while my dad was still here.

Julia the scarecrow.

Julia get's pumped up for the corn maze.
Believe it or not this was actually Robert's first ever corn maze experience. I don't know how he made it though college in Utah without ever going through one. I think he had fun memorizing the way out on the map and leading us straight through (but it still took a while since the path went through the entire maze and we let Julia choose the path a few times and lead us astray). The thing that made the biggest impression on Julia is the snake we saw on the trail right as we entered the maze. She still keeps talking about it.
My dad watches as Julia goes through the mini- hay bale maze. She actually seemed to get lost despite there only being one path to the center and then having to follow the same path back out.
Robert mines for gemstones. Julia got to pick them out of the pan once Robert found them and put them in her baggie.
Robert and Julia paint a pumpkin.
And wander through the pumpkin patch with the finished product.
Saying "Hi" (literally, she says "hi" to the animals.) to the alpacas.
We ambushed the tractor driver right off his break so there was no one else waiting for the ride and Julia got it all to herself. This was one of her favorite things about the day.

And in case you're curious this was Montpelier Farms in Maryland.
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