Sunday, November 13, 2011


A little late, but I'm sure you were all thinking it was worth the wait to see this little gnome. The Halloween festivities began for us on Thursday when we went to Robert's work and went trick or treating through the offices and maze of cubicles at Robert's work, ending with pumpkin decorating and pizza at the end. Julia has seen a video of her doing this last year and was really excited to go. She was a pro at treat or treating by the end.
The next day we went to our ward Halloween party. I dressed up as a gardener, so here is the gardener and her garden gnome.
Then on Halloween we surprised ourselves by going trick or treating to quite a few houses. Like blocks of houses! I was just planning on going to a few houses, but Julia already had the hang of it and was excited to be out with the other kids, so we just kept going (it also helps that the houses are all townhouses and really close together). I counted Julia's candy afterwards and she had almost 60 pieces (but she was so cute people just kept giving her more as long as she stood in their doorway).
The post Halloween candy meltdowns were epic for Julia. I have never seen her react so strongly against me saying no as when I told her she couldn't eat anymore candy that day. Luckily we've eaten almost all of it by now so we no longer have those tantrums.

They had this little setup at our community center on Halloween night.
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