Tuesday, November 01, 2011

It's a Boy!

We've actually known this for a week and a half but in case you missed it...we're having a boy!

I'm a little sad for Julia because she was insistent that it was a girl and I think she would have had fun with a little sister. But surprisingly she took the news really well so I guess I shouldn't feel bad for her. She'll have fun with a little brother too and she's already stopped talking about having a baby sister and is now talking about her baby brother Micah.

Julia and Robert's mom got to go with us to the ultrasound so they were both there when we found out. The ultrasound tech asked Julia what she thought the baby was, and for once Julia had nothing to say. We had told her that the doctor was going to tell us if it was a baby brother or a baby sister, so I imagine she was thinking "well, aren't you suppose to be the one telling me what it is?" She had a good time seeing the baby moving (which he did plenty of during the ultrasound. I don't think this kid ever sleeps.) and hearing his heartbeat for about five minutes, then she was more interested in her game on the tablet.

3D pictures look a little weird, but here is our baby Micah hiding behind his hand.

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