Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Julia!

Julia turns three today! We celebrated her birthday last Saturday after my family flew into town. We didn't want to do anything too big, so she also had one little friend come over and her Uncle Kevin and Aunt Ellen come back to celebrate with us. It was a Pinkalicious/Dora party. Pinkalicious because Julia wore her Pinkalicious dress, we had Pinkalicious cupcakes, and had a pink pony pinata that she picked out earlier that week. Dora because we had some Dora party decorations left over from last year.

Miss Julia poses in her Pinkalicious dress.

She got to hit her pinata. Thankfully she wasn't upset that we broke her beloved pink pony. She wanted to play with it all week and I wondered if it would even make it to Saturday in one piece.

It was a drawstring pinata, so after the girls both took a swing at it we let them pull the strings. They got the bottom open, but no candy fell out! I guess the candy was too big for the opening. So we decided to let one of the adults break it all the way. Uncle Kevin got to do the honors and break the pinata.

Gathering their loot.

Julia blows out the candles on her Pinkalicious cupcakes. A lady in the ward made them for us and they looked just like the cupcakes from the book (the book is about a little girl who loves pink and eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink).

And opening presents

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