Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Easter

First off, here's another picture of Micah in his swing since he does not appear anywhere else in this post. He just doesn't do much besides eat, sleep, poop, and apparently swing.
We had a busy Easter weekend with celebrating Julia's birthday, my family coming to town, and Easter. On Saturday before everyone got here Robert took Julia to the Easter egg hunt at our community center, and a couple hours later to the Easter egg hunt at church.

The setup of the community egg hunt created a bottleneck of kids trying to get to the eggs, so by the time Julia got to where the eggs were all the kids in front of her had almost gotten all the eggs already. Julia ended up with like four eggs, but she didn't care because she didn't know any better. She was thrilled with what she got.

Next they went to ward Easter party where they told all the kids the story of Christ's resurrection and gave them all an empty Easter egg to remember the empty tomb (they collect all the empty eggs from the egg hunt afterwards to use again the next year, so this one the kids got to keep.) Robert said later that if they really wanted to drive that message home they would make all the eggs in the egg hunt empty. Ha!
Julia fared a lot better at this egg hunt.
Not that we needed any extra candy. On Sunday Julia got to find her and Micah's Easter baskets which included plenty of candy.
And then she had her own little Easter egg hunt (which means more candy). It's a good thing we had my family visiting to help us eat all that candy through the rest of the week.
Her uncles joined in to find the eggs that were hardest hidden.

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