Monday, May 13, 2013

Cake and Presents with Julia

We celebrated Julia's birthday at home with just our family. She had a pinata that she got from my Mom a month earlier that we broke for her birthday. Since Robert got home late from work we just hung it up in the living room and let them go at it. They're little, so it worked. Micah wasn't really interested in hitting it so much as hugging it and chasing it. 

 Julia requested a pink strawberry cake, and then strawberry cupcakes as well. So that is what she got! She fell asleep while I made the cake and when she woke up she asked if her cake was done. I said, "Yes, you wanted a chocolate cake right?" I think I almost broke her heart for a split second before I said, "just kidding."

 Afterwards she got to open a few presents.

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