Wednesday, May 01, 2013


The day before Easter we went to the community "Spring Celebration." They had an Easter egg hunt plus a few other things. The Easter egg hunt was intense, I'm not quite sure we would do it again next year. Julia's age group (3-5) was by far the most crowded and she only ended up getting three eggs (while the older kids all got more, even the 5 year olds in her age group). She didn't seem to mind though, she thrives on the excitement of it all. So maybe we would go again next year.
They didn't even do an Easter egg hunt for the 0-2 year olds, they just handed us a baggie with a few eggs inside. And of course, Micah didn't even care either, he loved the excitement of it all too.
Afterwards Julia got her face painted by the high school drama group.

And tried out a violin.

Later that day we had an Easter egg hunt at the house for just Julia and Micah. Julia got a lot more eggs in this one. =)

Micah didn't really care what was going on. He just likes any chance he gets to play outside in the playhouse.

On actual Easter we went to West L.A. for Baby Hannah's baby blessing, so here are the kids after church in their Easter clothes. Well, Julia in her Easter dress that her Grandma Wheat made for her. Micah is in the only pair of church clothes he owns.
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