Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Julia's Disneyland Birthday

Last post about Disneyland for the year, well, unless someone comes with us and we take cute pictures in the next year. But last post for a while at least.

For Julia's 4th birthday we decided to skip a birthday party with friends and go to Ariel's Grotto in California Adventure instead. Julia was really excited that she was going to get lunch with the princesses for her birthday.

A few rides before lunch.

The main event for the day, lunch at Ariel's Grotto to meet the princesses. Apparently the parents of every other 4 year old had the same idea because it was every little girl's birthday who was eating there. I've never seen a higher concentration of Disneyland birthday pins. Julia was really excited to meet Ariel and so Julia could show Ariel her changing color Ariel shirt.
At Ariel's Grotto a bunch of princesses come by while you're eating and to take pictures and chat a minute.

For being so excited about it Julia was surprisingly nonchalant every time a princess came by. She seemed more interested in her food sometimes which is weird because she almost never eats when she's excited. Here she is with a giant piece of food in her cheek that she stuffed in her mouth right before she got up to take the picture.

Micah surprised us by drinking a full glass of milk, but behaved himself pretty well.

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