Monday, July 29, 2013

San Diego: Mormon Battalion and Padres Game

Last month Robert's cousin Woody got married in San Diego, so we went down the afternoon before the wedding and spent some time with family who were in town.

First we went to the Mormon Battalion Site and met up with some of Robert's siblings and his parents.

 Some of the kids had a little too much fun with all the water...

These are all the grandkids on the Wheat side.

I like how Robert is the only one really smiling. It could almost be an old time photo.

Later that evening we left Micah with Aunt Lauren and Robert, Julia, Robert's parents and I went to a Padres game to check off another stadium for Robert's goal to visit every MLB stadium. It was just perfect that the Dodgers were the away team playing that night. Julia wore her Dodgers hat, but she cheered for both teams. It was our first baseball game in over a year so everything was new to her again. 

Eating hot dogs for dinner.

Every time there is a home run flames shoot out over a display beyond center field, which was pretty close to where we were sitting. So the first time there was a home run the crowd went wild and then flames shot up and Julia was a little stunned by it all. A second later she was cheering and clapping right along.

Singing "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch.

 Just a random picture of Micah with Grandpa Wheat back at the hotel eating grapes. It is where Micah was during the game, but Grandpa came with us so the picture was taken earlier in the day.

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