Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Iphone Ranch Landscape

We just got back on Monday from the annual Sandberg Family Reunion at the Sandberg Ranch. I think everyone from Robert down to Micah had a great time, but I'm really glad to be home now. This was our last trip we have planned until the baby is born. And, besides swim lessons for Julia and then preschool in September, we really have nothing going on. Normally that might seem like kind of a drag for me because I enjoy going places and doing things, but we've been so busy lately I'm ready to take a little break! We haven't even had time/energy to unpack completely from one trip before we have been off on our next trip. I'm ready to let the nesting instincts kick in and get some deep cleaning and projects done around the house, plus have a relaxing summer with the kids letting them play outside, and the park, and in the pool (things we haven't had much time for lately).

Some of the landscape photos of The Ranch from my phone. Eventually we will get around to a full blog post recap of the reunion. Even though it stormed every afternoon while we were there, it was actually perfect because the storms kept the sun from making the afternoons too hot. One thunderstorm a day was just right to keep things warm enough at night without baking us during the day. Plus they are fun to watch and it makes The Ranch look really beautiful.

Sunrise, I'm usually not awake this early at the Ranch, but this time being six months pregnant I had to go use the "facilities."

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