Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Zion: Angel's Landing

Another hike we did, on the last full day we were in Zion, was the 5 mi. Angel's Landing hike. This was another one where the kids stayed back because a) we hiked it at sunset and they needed to go to bed and b) all the warnings for the hike say "Long drop-offs. Not for young children or anyone fearful of heights." In fact, when you get off the shuttle the recording reminds you that fatalities have occurred on this hike and you should not do it if you are afraid of heights.

Unfortunately we started our hike just a little too late so by the time we got to Scout's Lookout about 1/2 mile from the end of the trail, and where the trails gets really steep and narrow and uses chains to give you a better hold, the sun was already close to setting. We continued on a little further but ultimately decided to stop when we saw this part of the trail:

The trail goes right across that saddle and up the side of the mountain with sheer cliffs on both sides. We decided that even if we made it up there by sunset we did not want to be coming down that part in the dark. So this is the view from where we stopped. Almost as good as the very top, but not quite since you can't see the right side of the canyon all the way to the end.

The chains on the way back. 

Can we count this as my five month belly shot? Third child definitely gets less pictures, it's already started. I only have one belly shot from this pregnancy so far...

The moon makes an appearance. See, it really was getting dark. 

Robert back at Scout's Landing. Don't look down! I have no problem but heights but the Wheat boys all seemed a little nervous by it all.

A few shots coming back down.

This is about halfway down the mountain now. The trails starts down by the river. This is where we took out our headlamps so we could see the trail the rest of the way down. I like hiking in the dark, it's much easier than having the sun beating down on you in the middle of the day.

At the end right before we got on the shuttle back to camp.

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