Sunday, June 30, 2013

Zion: Campground and Riverside Hike at the Temple of Sinawava

On day three of our Wheat family reunion half of the group hiked the Subway, which is a strenuous, permit only 9.5 mile hike that requires rappelling and swimming through water. Obviously, the kids did not go on that one. Also, being five months pregnant I felt it best not to do it either. So Robert will likely be posting about that hike in the near future...(?)

First, at the campground, Julia and Tyler had a lot of fun just playing together. Luckily even in a National Park Campground we had plenty of space at our site for them to run around between the three campsites we were staying in. They enjoyed bug catching, getting wet with water squiters Mom Wheat brought them, playing in the dirt and rocks, and who knows what else.

Twice when we came back after hiking our cheap shade structure had blown over. After this time the poles were all bent up so we just tossed it.

So on day three the kids, Mom Wheat, and Jess and Lauren and I all on went another small hike at the Temple of Sinawava, which is the entrance another popular hike, The Narrows. Only we just did a mile on the paved easy part of the trail. 

 Julia was not nearly as enthusiastic on this hike. She just wanted to sit.
 Tyler was a good hiker, but he also had fun with all these branches on the ground where he stopped to rest.
 Mom carried Micah and Jess had Nathan in the backpacks.

More playing back at the campground.

Micah was wiped out after all that playing.

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