Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grandma Whitehurst's Surprise Birthday

For Robert's Grandma's 75th birthday this year her daughters threw her a surprise birthday party. We hadn't seen her since Julia was a baby and have been meaning to make the trip up to Sacramento to visit so of course we made plans to be there. While we were college students in Provo she lived in Provo as well so we go over to her house almost every weekend and play games (Settlers was our favorite) after we got married and we've missed her! We could only stay for a day, but it was well worth it to see Grandma's reaction when she walked into a dark church gym after being told she was there to watch one of her little great grandkids kick around a soccer ball, only to turn on the lights and see us all there! Her birthday was actually a couple weeks earlier so it really caught her off guard. 

Grandma with her "little" brother Jim and his wife Joan.

Grandma loves to play games so the "center pieces" of the tables were games and we all got to choose a table with a game we enjoy and play games.

There were even games for the little ones.

I mostly just got pictures of the game playing part of the party but we also did have some yummy dinner (it's the Whitehurst family after all, every one one of those women are fantastic cooks) and cake or cookies. I also loved seeing the Shutterfly photo book that they put together of all of Grandma's kids, grandkids, and great grandkids and the slideshow of the same pictures plus more. We never did get to play a game with the birthday girl, so we'll have to plan another trip up to Sacramento to play some games with her. Now that we've done it once over a weekend Sacramento doesn't seem like so far away from L.A. (and it's a lot closer than Virginia!)

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