Monday, June 10, 2013

Julia Starts School

Julia started her first day of summer preschool today, which also means it was her first day of school ever. She gets to go for a few hours three days a week for four weeks as a kind of jump start to real preschool in the fall. 

She was very excited. I had to wake her up to get ready to go and the first thing she said as she woke up was, "where's my backpack."  She liked explaining to Micah that she was going to go to school all by herself and would be gone for a little while, but then she would be back. Micah had no idea what she was saying but he likes when Julia talks to him.

I took her in to see her classroom and meet her teacher and she made herself right at home by playing with the toys in the classroom and talking to the other kids there. She barely noticed when I said goodbye to her and left. 

Micah seemed a little confused to be getting in the car and driving away without Julia, she is always around him. I have to admit I teared up a little as we drove away. But with a real baby on the way it's pretty easy to get over being sad that my other two "babies" are growing up!

When she came home she told me, "preschool is fun!" and told me all about her morning.
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