Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Swimming Lessons

Julia had two weeks of swimming lessons in July at the local rec. center. I put her in the first level again since she was so scared of putting her head under water last year, but it wasn't even an issue this year and she was able to complete the level by the end of swimming lessons.

The last day they put on life jackets and learned life jacket safety, and got pulled around the pool in a 'train' with by her teacher.

Getting into the water with their life jackets. They also turned on the water on the water slide for the last five minutes on the last day and they got to play. Julia was looking forward to that for the whole two weeks because she asked about it on the first day.

Julia had a blast everyday. Meanwhile I had to entertain a baby and a toddler poolside for half an hour, so I am looking forward to putting Micah into lessons next year!

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