Saturday, August 09, 2014

What's Been Going On: The Everyday

A few random pictures of our more day to day lives:

My cousin Sam came home from his LDS mission to Japan. We went to the airport to welcome him home and Julia helped me make a sign. There were plenty of signs to welcome him home, and plenty of people. He looked a little shell shocked and when I asked him if he recognized any of the kids, including my younger cousins, he said no.

August has turned out to be unusually cool in Utah. We have been getting a lot of summer thunderstorms (almost daily) and it has been keeping the temperature to a manageable level. We'll see how long it lasts, but for now we like it. Earlier this week we decided to have a "tea party" on the front lawn. When the neighbor kids saw us they came over too and doubled the size of our tea party.

 Camden was trying to eat the flowers and didn't like how it tasted.

One day Micah woke up with a tail. The night before Robert had taken the pajamas out of a pile of clean clothes waiting to be put away, and apparently there was a sock stuck on the pajamas, in just the perfect spot. What was great was Micah had no idea...

We were all sick with some nasty 24 hour bug in July, just not all at once. Camden was one of the last to get it, and he pretty much only had it for a few hours. He woke up one morning, threw up on me, and then right away went back to sleep on top of me. As I sat there with a sick sleeping baby on top of me and covered in throw up I thought, "uhh, what now?"

Julia drew this self-portrait. She is wearing a tiara because she says she is a princess. Sometimes she tells me she can't do certain things because she is a princess, to get out of doing things. I do like how well she can write her name now.

Here is the artist with a pen over her ear. A character in an episode of Sophia the First always puts her pencil over her ear, so Julia has been doing that lately as well. 

Never change a baby's diaper at the bottom of the stairs. Camden got away from me while I was changing his diaper and shot up the stairs, he is quick! I couldn't resist taking a picture of that naked tush wiggling up the stairs.

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