Tuesday, August 05, 2014

We Have a House!

 We finally closed on a house (in Draper) two weeks ago and have been busy doing some remodeling. The house is in good condition, we are just updating it a little on the first floor- repainting a few rooms, staining kitchen cabinets, new counter tops, and putting in hardwood floors. Mostly stuff we wanted to do in our old house but never got around to it, so we figured we should just take some time now before we move and get it done in this house from the beginning. It doesn't sound like much, but it's been keeping us busy! We probably won't move in for a few more weeks, once the hardwood floors are done.

The cabinets are a work in progress.

We did like eight different paint samples on the wall in the living room because every color just looked so different on the paint chip than on the wall. It took a week to figure out what color we wanted to do, but in the end we came away with colors for our master bedroom and Julia's room as well from these same colors.

While I decided on a color Robert kept busy priming.

Here's the color we finally chose, almost done painting.

Mostly my parents have watched the kids while we work, but on this day they were at the house and being crazy getting into all the supplies. So last time I took the kids to the house I also brought a box of toys and sent them down to the basement to play. That worked well until they got tired of the toys and ran around the basement slamming doors.

Julia in her room. The current paint color isn't bad, but she wants to paint it blue to be like Elsa.

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