Sunday, July 17, 2011

Odds and End Utah

Some random events from our trip to Utah:

We visited Mike and Marybeth and had a playdate with their kids.
Went to the zoo.

We went to the parks.
We celebrated my Grandpa Ramiro's sort-of birthday. He was orphaned as a tween and didn't know when his birthday was. So when he was a little older and applying for a job they said it must be around St. Peter's day since his name is Peter. So from then on he celebrated his birthday on St. Peter's day. It was only in the past 10 years when he was applying for citizenship that they said he needed a birth certificate, so they tracked one down turns out his birthday was actually in August. But he has been celebrating in June all his life, so we still celebrate it on St. Peter's day.

Julia picked up an entourage of my little cousins.
We also checked out the Salt Lake City library. They had a book my library system in Arlington didn't have that I've been wanting to read, so Reah checked it out for me and I read it over the weekend before I had to go back to Virginia.

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