Saturday, July 16, 2011

Park City

We had a Sunday picnic with some of Robert's family up in Provo Canyon to get out of the heat. Turns out it was the hottest day of the year so far and everyone else had the same idea. We kept passing all the parks looking for an open table but they were all taken. So Mom Wheat convinced us to turn off at Vivian Park and just kept driving up and up past the park and random houses to a park I had never known existed and that many other people evidently didn't either because there was plenty of open space.
Afterwards we headed up to Park City with Dad and Mom Wheat. It was gorgeous with all the "spring" flowers finally blooming late this season. Julia loved riding around (very slowly) on the four wheeler with Grandpa. She's still a little confused on the difference between a four wheeler and a snowmobile however. Below, I went running and the only other people I saw were Julia and Grandpa going for a ride to meet me.
After we came back down to the valley we stopped by Jeremy and Sarah's house for a play date with Eli. They went crazy together, it was cute. They are moving to Pittsburg this month so maybe we'll see a little more of them this year.

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