Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sandberg Reunion

At the end of June we had the Rex Sandberg Family reunion at the Ranch. Friday night we had the traditional campfire and hot dog roast. Below, Robert roasted hot dogs for all of us while I made sure Julia stayed out of the fire.
Julia loved playing with Kirsten and James and still asks to see them.
Here she is collecting rocks in her cowboy hat on our little hike. Everyone else was clearing out a stream from brush while Julia, her grandma and I had a little snack and then headed back for a nap.
And some more playing on the playground. We go to the park everyday at home so I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that she kept asking to go to "the park" (the swingset) to play.
Saturday night Julia helped her grandpa out MCing the talent show. The show was short and sweet this year, but that was probably a good thing since we didn't start until 10:00 pm.

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