Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sandberg Reunion Group Pictures

My dad has a big family; he has four brothers and five sisters. Now that I am a mother I am amazed that my grandmother did all this raising a kid thing ten times. Knowing that I can have patience with just one child right? They had the Rex Sandberg Reunion in June while we were visiting in Utah. Rob and I try to make it every year because it may be the only time the whole year we'd see some of my extended family since there are just so many.
Here is a group picture of the group (although some people had already left by then) on Sunday morning in front of the Ranch house. My great grandpa Joseph Clarence Sandberg built the left section of the house and he bought the right section from his brother George for 50 cents and then moved it in pieces from where it had stood to it's current location.

Here are some interesting comparision pictures. The first one is just the left side of the house in 1940 before the additions to the house took place. The people are standing perpendicular to where our modern day group is standing. If we stood where the people in this old picture are standing we would be inside the kitchen (notice where the chimney is). And this one is about 1955 from the same angle as our picture. In the picture are my great-grandfather, great-grandmother, grandmother, a great uncle and my oldest uncle, Don.
My Dad and all his siblings (acting a little goofy).
With their spouses.
And our Robert Sandberg Family picture.

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