Monday, May 21, 2012

Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Game

This was such a fun baseball game! Toronto was pretty cold, even at the end of April so since we had a one month old we didn't really go anywhere for the day and a half we were there except the baseball game. Which was okay since we just got to relax at our hotel and the reason we were there was baseball. When it was time for the game we got all bundled up, took the elevator down to the lobby and walked next door to the stadium. Then we took off all our coats because the stadium is indoors! Very nice, and as we saw, Toronto needs it so their fans don't freeze at the beginning and end of the season.

During the game someone hit a grand slam!

We realized while we were there that not only was our hotel right next door to the stadium, it was actually connected to the stadium. They have 70 rooms that have a field view from the hotel room. That would have been pretty awesome to sit in your hotel and still be at the game!

The day we were there was kids day at the Rogers Center, so they had face painting (Julia got a blue jay on her hand), balloon animals (Julia chose a pink dog balloon), and the highlight was running the bases. All the kids in attendance got to go down onto the field and run around the bases! I think we appreciated it more than Julia, but she still had fun and she was excited to go around with all the other kids.

While we were in line to go Robert realized he didn't have his phone, so he ran back to our seats and to lost and found looking for it. So I was left with Julia and Micah and and the diaper bag for the running of the bases. While we were in line Julia made friends with the girls in line behind us. After a while Julia decided she didn't want to stand anymore and sat on the floor refusing to move while the line moved ahead. I had to pick her up  and carry both the kids, so the Mom behind us convinced Julia to walk by suggesting she hold hands with the other little girls. They were still holding hands when they ran around the bases.

Here is the video I took of the girls running together. Julia is wearing blue pants and a purple shirt, and they mostly walked so they go pretty slow. Excuse the bad camera job and Micah crying in the background.

I like how they started going the wrong way between 2nd and 3rd bases and someone had to show them where to go.

As soon as she finished we found Robert. He missed seeing her run, but he still got to be down on the field with us. He didn't find his phone, so we decided to look in the diaper bag. Yup, it had been in there the whole time. 

Julia decided she was beat after her run and plopped down on the floor to relax right in the middle of everything.
Micah "hanging in there" after a long day .
Checking out the dugout and family picture on the field.

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