Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pediatric Opthamologist

At Julia's three year check up the doctor thought she might have some vision problems, so he referred us to a pediatric ophthalmologist. Since then I've been thinking, "well, she does squint a lot and she's pretty clumsy.." But Julia had her appointment this Monday and the doctor said everything looked perfectly normal for her age. Yay! They said Julia was the patient of the day because she cooperated perfectly with everything they asked her to do, except when they dilated her eyes. She was fine with the first eye drop, but then she realized they were putting water in her eyes, which she hates, and refused to open her eye for the second eye drop. They still got it in in no time though. I guess they have a lot of practice since they are a pediatric practice. For the record, I didn't think they did anything different to her than my optometrist would do to me at a normal eye exam so I don't know why we had to see an ophthalmologist...
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