Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pittsburgh Children's Museum

While we were in Pittsburgh we spent a day at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. Or an afternoon I guess. The motto of this trip was take it easy, so we didn't get out the door from our hotel until after 11:00 a.m. Julia had a lot of fun here. She is at an age now where she can really get into the things meant for kids (Disneyland this year is going to be fun!). 

The museum was separated into different rooms with themes (we don't have pictures from every room), and this was essential the art room. Here she is doing silk screening. They had a table where they could cut out different shapes out of scratch paper, then they would silk screen it. I had Julia draw the shapes and I cut them out.

Concentrating on the silk screening.

I got paint on me!
The finished product. The shapes she drew were a blob, a tear shape, and a tracing of her hand.

She was also a big fan of the paint and easels. We ended up with half a dozen Julia masterpieces for us to take home.

This room had a big track and lots of wheeled contraptions the kids could take around the track. Julia liked the little trike they had the best, but I got a laugh seeing Robert pulling Princess Julia along on whatever this rolly thing is called.
The water room had a bunch of large tubs where they could float boats, splash in the water, or play with water toys. They had these cute little ponchos to put over their clothes, but every kid that came out of there was soaked in some way or another. You could tell the people who came prepared because they brought a change of clothes for this room.
Julia was no exception. We didn't bring a change of clothes, but this was the last area we had left to visit, so afterwards we repeated a couple rooms again (like the art room) and walked five minutes back to our hotel. Total non-stressful day for me since Robert spent the entire time playing with Julia while I took care of Micah.

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