Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sunrise over The Outer Banks

Last week we took another last hurrah vacation (we did a Pittsburgh/Toronto trip two weeks before that I still need to post about) to The Outer Banks with some friends from the ward here (who we are going to miss very much when we move in less than a month!). We were invited along to rent a beach house with three other families, all who have one older child and one younger child. There was a lot of toddler whining and baby crying going on, but that just meant you didn't feel too bad when your child did it because everyone else's child was doing it too. I went running a couple times and the only sounds I heard were birds chirping and waves crashing...until I got back outside our beach house and heard the chaos inside. It just made me laugh.

Of course we spent a lot of time at the beach, although the nice thing about being at a beach house for an entire week is that there was no pressure to spend all day at the beach. So we would go for maybe a couple hours each morning, come back and eat lunch, take naps, swim in the pool, eat dinner and finally put the exhausted kids to bed.
Playing in the sand with friends

Too sandy to eat my own snacks, so Dad gets to feed it to me.

Getting buried in the sand
I'm proud that we actually got some shots of Micah in as well, although this is one of the only ones where he is not sleeping. He had no idea he ever went to the beach, he was asleep the entire time we were there every day.

All the landscape pictures are pictures Robert took.

The ocean by moonlight
The town we stayed in, Corolla, NC, had a lighthouse that we visited. There was a wedding going on while we were there, which would have been cool, except for having tourists like us walking around as well would not be my ideal wedding.

The nice thing about vacation with friends is there's always someone to play with, or to watch movies with.

Pool time.
My reaction as I catch Julia as she jumps in the pool.

And, some more beach time.

We mostly played in the sand because it wasn't all that hot, but Julia loved the water. She just had to convince someone to go in with her every so often. Luckily she was mostly content to sit in the shallow water and let the waves rush up around her.

Robert and I got to go off with just Micah one evening after Julia was in bed and the other couples kept an eye on her. We went for a walk in a nearby nature preserve and took some sunset pictures.

Family Picture

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