Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy 4 months Micah!

Micah is 4 months today! Here are his stats from his 4 mo. checkup:

Length: 25 in. (38th per)
Weight: 15.5 lbs (50th per)
Head Cir: 16.5 in. (29th per)

So small to average all around right now.

Some things about Micah right now:

- He is usually pretty smiley especially when someone is playing with him. He knows what he wants though and gets mad when he can't have it. For example, if he is playing with his ball or a teether and drops it, he will immediately burst into tears like it's the end of the world. Otherwise he usually works up to a cry, a little grunting and whining and sticking out his lip before he actually gets upset enough to cry,

- I have been saying for the past month that he must be teething because he drools so much and always has his hand or a binkie or a teether in his mouth. But, no pearly whites yet. You can usually find him wearing a bib that is soaked through with drool or spit up.

- This kid eats and then spits half of it back up. But he is gaining weight fine and is happy, so the doctor described him as a "happy spitter" and said he was fine. We should expect the spitting-up to peak at 6 mo. when he is taking in the most liquid and then tapper off until he turns a year. So, for the next year, laundry every other day continues.
- He's a good sport about letting Julia hug him and hold him and be a little too loveable.
- He loves the water. He likes to splash around in his bath and is always content to hang out on my arm in the pool.
- He rolled over for the first time a few weeks ago back to front, and true to being the second child, no one was even watching when he did it. He does wiggle around a lot but still doesn't completely roll over much because he always gets stuck on his arm. 
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