Monday, July 30, 2012

Julia Says

Julia has been testing my patience lately. It's all normal stuff for being a three-year-old. I feel like I am constantly having to tell her no and don't do that. Another thing is she was completely potty trained, and recently decided she wants to go pee "like a dog" on the floor. So now she's back in pull-ups because I'm tired of cleaning pee up off the floor.

But despite it all she is still pretty cute. It's mostly after she has gone to bed and I'm thinking back on the day that I appreciate it. Here is one such example.

Last Friday she got to go to work with Robert for PWC kids day. After I picked her up and while we were driving home I asked her if she had fun and she said "Yeah, Daddy's cool and he's beautiful."

"Oh, Daddy's beautiful?"

She thought about it for a second. "He's handsome."

They were supposed to have had Heal the Bay there for a presentation, so I asked her if she learned about the ocean. At first she said no. Then she said she learned about the animals.

"What did you learn about the animals?"

"Umm, they BITE! Like the sharks bite."

I told Robert about what she said and he has no idea how she got that from their presentation about keeping the water clean.

Random thoughts from the mind of a three-year-old but I have to admit she's right, daddy is handsome and sharks do bite.
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