Friday, July 13, 2012

What An Eventful June

We are back on our house in Claremont now. We are still unpacking, but getting close to feeling like we really live here now. Now I'm not even sure where to begin blogging about last month, so mostly to help me organize my posts, here is a list of what we did last month:

•Moved out of our Fairlington Townhouse.
•Stayed at the historic Renaissance Mayflower in Washington D.C. for a couple days, ate at Founding Farmers, and took a tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing
•Stayed in Baltimore Inner Harbor for another couple days and celebrated the bicentennial start of the War of 1812 by touring a plethora of ships from all over the world and seeing the Blue Angels perform over the river.
• Fly back to LA and move into our house
•Drive up to Utah, stay at my parent's house for one night and then get evacuated from their house the next morning. Visit with some of my relatives that day, go to my cousin's Quince Anos, stay at a hotel with Robert's parents that night, next day visit more relatives and finally get word we can go back to my parent's house.
• Micah's baby blessing
•Park City with Robert's parents and drive to Elko
• Sandberg Family Reunion at the Ranch in Southern Utah
• Return home to many surprises.

Aren't you excited to read all about it?
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