Thursday, August 09, 2012

Quince Años

Friday evening we went to my cousin Hillary's Quince Años, a large coming out party traditionally held at age 15 in the Hispanic culture. It was a a beautiful party and they did a great job with all the dances. Julia also had a part in the program. At the beginning of the program my cousin came in and her parent's changed the tennis shoes she had been wearing for high heels, and put a tiara on her head. So Julia and another one of my little cousins got to carry the shoes and tiara over to Hillary and her parents.

Getting ready for the big moment.
They did so great carrying their pillows over! We practiced a tiny bit before hand, but I wasn't so sure how they would do in the spotlight. They did great though. 

She started getting a little bored after a while standing there, but did a good job beside fidgeting.

Congratulating her for a job well done.
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