Monday, August 20, 2012

Sandberg Reunion 2012

This is our last catch up post from our very busy June. In June right before we left Utah we went to my Dad's annual family reunion in Southern Utah. 

Setting up our campsites

Visiting relatives 

Friday night we had our traditional hot dog roast and s'mores. Julia, of course, went for the giant pink marshmallows. 

And thoroughly enjoyed making a giant mess of her face.

We passed out glow sticks after it got dark

Ranch sky

They made stick horses for the craft. Julia loved hers. She loved it so much that a little while later she tried to take it up on the slide with her. While she was trying to get it over the ladder and onto the the slide she slipped and fell five feet off the top of the ladder. Luckily she landed just right and didn't break an arm or her neck! 

She was just a little scared, so she wanted to snuggle with me for a while before taking off again on her many ranch adventures. So we sat and watched the horseshoe game for a while.

Waiting for the dutch ovens.

 Julia had fun playing in the sprinklers.

 There were scouts from my uncle's ward there who set up a new horseshoe pit. Here Michael tries it out.

 Robert went with some of my cousins to Mossy Cave.

James and Julia

Robert practices on the whip.

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