Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Fun in Claremont

These are mostly my Instagram photos, but they show what we have been up to since we got back to Claremont. 
We unpacked 90 or so boxes (this is about half of them) and sold them all on Craigslist. Yahoo!  Julia looks sad here because she is shocked I ate her string cheese (in my defense she gave it to me so I figured she was full, but apparently she just wanted me to hold on to it)
We have been loving using our pool. Julia, Micah, and I usually go out a couple times a week. Julia has a floaty vest and swims around by herself like a fish. She goes around the the entire pool deep end and all if I can swim around with her, but I make her stay in the shallow end when I have Micah with us. Micah loves to splash and kick his legs in the water.
Grandpa and Grandma Wheat happened to be here on July 4th fixing up their West L.A. house. They came out to Claremont to watch the fireworks with us. We didn't even have to walk anywhere. You just drive your car up to the Metro parking lot and watch the show out in front of your car! 
Julia started out watching the fireworks with Grandpa and ended up with Robert. I thought it was funny they looked so much alike. 
When it was still cool in the morning after we would eat our breakfast and get dressed we used to go to the park. Not so much in August now...
We made the annual trip to the Hollywood Bowl last week with Daniel and Amanda and friends. The performance was  the music of Pixar played by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. They went through every Pixar film and did a mash up of the music from the film and played a series of clips from the film so each one almost felt like a short film in itself. I think the only film I hadn't seen for real was Brave, we'll have to get out and see that one someday.
Claremont does a series of movies in the park nights over the summer. One week the park they did it at  was just around the corner from our house, so I figured I could tough it out with the two kids past their bedtime by myself (it's busy season for Robert so we don't see him a whole lot during the week) if we were so close to home. But Robert surprised us and got home in time to walk over and see the movie with us! We saw Kung Fu Panda II. 
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