Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sandberg Talent Show

I forgot to include this in the post about the Sandberg Reunion. Towards the end of the traditional Saturday night talent show the MC (Steven) asked if anyone else had a talent they wanted to share. I think someone specifically asked Julia (my dad maybe?) if she wanted to sing and she said yes. She wanted me to go up with her and I wondered if she would really sing once she got up, or if she would blank out once she got in front of all the people. So I went up with her, and then she said she wanted me to sing with her, but she didn't blank out and sang the whole song.

And since I havn't posted much videos lately here's another one of Julia "reading" to Micah. I just got the tail end of it, but before she really was going through the book and pretending to read it. Since it's her favorite book she's got it pretty well memorized.

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