Monday, October 01, 2012

Julia's Photo Shoot

A couple weeks ago we tried to get pictures of Julia and Micah that we could frame and put on the wall. Micah was adorable and cooperative, but Julia was not interested. These first two pictures are from that first day.

So the next week I took Julia out just by herself and let her goof off in hopes of getting some framable shots. There were plenty of Julia just being goofy that are not going to make it on the wall, but I thought they showed her personality at this age. I'd like to remember this in the future so I'll post some of the goofy ones here.

She thought it was a lot of fun to run around the yard and have me chase her.

This is the one that made it on the wall.

I had a hard time convincing her not to do the princess pose.

I like how you can see the yellow pollen on her nose from smelling the flower.

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