Thursday, October 18, 2012

The River

A couple weekends ago Steve and Wendy invited us out to join them at their place on the Colorado River. It was nice to get away from our house and not have to worry about what yard work or home repair we were going to tackle that weekend.

Micah proved once again that he loves the water. I put him in a couple times and he was happy to splash around in the river or pool.

These ducks lived near our beach and love to hang around people asking for a handout. They seem to go up the beach from group to group looking for food, then float downriver with any boats floating down and beg for handouts, then start over again going back upriver near the beach groups. They stopped by multiple times a day to beg for food and Julia would always see then coming, run and fill up her toy bowl with sand, and then offer them her "duck soup" once they got to us. Only, the ducks didn't really seem to care for duck soup so usually she would end up chasing them down the beach yelling, "Here ducky! Eat your duck soup!"

We also got to go out on the sea doo . I never did much water sports growing up and to tell you the truth driving the sea doo kind of freaks me out. I made a point to go out and drive around with Robert tagging along once a day so I wouldn't regret it, but whenever I would look down at the water my heart would start to race and I'd get a panicky feeling. I chalk it up to not being used to speeding around on water. Julia, on the other hand, also got to go out once a day with Robert, loved it, and had absolutely no fear. I hope we can find a good balance eventually of teaching her what is dangerous and not making her afraid to do things

Here is a video of Julia on the sea doo.
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