Friday, October 19, 2012


I have a bunch of photos from October that I'm just going to throw up here into this general "October" post.

Today we went to a little pumpkin patch in La Verne. They had a few farm animals, but what they lacked in number they made up for in cuteness: little baby goats, little piglets, and little chicks. Even Micah though they were adorable. Julia enjoyed herself by taking a long time to watch the animals and then just as long to pick up every little pumpkin as she chose one to bring home.

When I put Micah down on the hay to take his picture I was reminded of when Julia was the same age and we tried to get pictures of her with the pumpkins and hay. They both reacted the same; instead of looking at the camera they were both to enthralled by the pumpkins and hay to look up!

Micah did finally look up for a few moments.

Julia likes to help me in the kitchen because it usually means Micah is asleep so she loves to get some one on one time with me. Here she is putting butter on the cheesy garlic biscuits.

Julia sat down at the piano and composed three new songs, "We Don't Kick Micah," "We Don't Squish Micah," and "We Don't Step on Micah." She has been a little rough on him lately and has obviously been hearing these phrases from us. 

Julia was watching Peter Pan and Micah thought she looked like the perfect addition to his bouncer. He kept trying to grab her face and she was totally oblivious, engrossed in her movie.

Micah has been enjoying eating more food. For some reason he is not all that fond of the fruit! This was pears, but with apples, pears, and peaches he always makes faces. We will just keep trying to get him used to the taste.

We "got creative" (Pinterest style) with toilet paper rolls to make Halloween crafts.

I hope we have had our last 95+ degree day. We went jogging on October 15 and it was warm by summer standards, not to mention for autumn. This is what Micah wore. Julia keeps asking when the leaves are going to change colors and insisting we drink hot chocolate because it's autumn now. 

I went into their room to check on them before I went to bed and just thought it was so cute that they were both sleeping with their left arm down and right arm up.
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