Saturday, March 02, 2013

Disneyland Part 1

Last week we met my cousin Steven and his family at Disney's California Adventure for the day. I decided to get the cheap annual passes for Julia and I, so if anyone is reading this who wants to go to Disneyland during the week during the off season let us know and we'd probably join you!

We started the day off on a sad note after we stood in line for The Little Mermaid ride, only to make it to the front of the line and find out they were temporarily shutting down the ride, and then realizing it was because there was a little baby not breathing and they were doing CPR on him by the entrance to the ride. It was soo sad to glimpse as we passed by and we have no idea what happened, before or afterward. Luckily our kids didn't notice, but there were other older kids who realized what was going on and started crying.

So after that we tried not to think about it too much and headed over to Bug's Land.

Then over to Car's Land for lunch at Flo's Cafe where they serve the kids meals in souvenir Lightning McQueen cars (reflected in the price of course). Julia actually ate all her food! She is so picky and I feel like she hardly eats.

We met Mater. Besides the main cars ride everything else wasn't too busy, but it was the busiest area of the park.

Micah and I waited while everyone else went on Luigi's Tires. Micah was happy to crawl around while we waited for them.

Then we ended the day over at Pacific Pier.

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