Monday, March 11, 2013

Safe Kids Fair

Robert has been working on two engagements at work with deadlines in mid-March, so he had started to get pretty busy as the deadlines approached. So I decided the kids and I would caravan up to Utah with my cousins when they went back. I was thinking of visiting my family sometime in the spring anyway when Robert was busy and this way I would have some help getting there. My cousin Jenny drove in the car with us most of the way and we added another kid, Kirsten, to our car so she and Julia could keep each other entertained.

The Saturday after we got to Utah my Mom took us to the Safe Kids Fair in Sandy.

This car was actually a little creepy. It would move and talk to you.

Julia got to sit in many different emergency vehicles- Police car

School Bus



Not anything related to safety, but fun nonetheless, the bounce house. Micah got a kick out of watching Julia bounce around. Julia's and my favorite part of the fair was watching the police dog demonstration and watching those smart police dogs take down the bad guy.
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