Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Grandma Wheat Comes to Town

Last week while we were in Utah Robert's Mom came to Salt Lake to see us before we left. We took the kids to temple square so they could see the temple where Robert and I were married. Julia enjoyed seeing the temple and then seeing the little model they have in the South visitors center that shows you the interior of the temple. She is also becoming quite good at posing. Micah just liked to walk and crawl around.

Then we went to the church history museum where they got to play in the children's exhibit. Oops, I only took pictures of Micah here, but Julia had a lot of fun there too.

He loved this garden, he loves to fit shapes back into their respective holes.

Then we headed over to City Creek for dinner at Kneaders and to walk around a bit. Julia learned about wishes and fountains that day and wanted to make a wish at every fountain we saw. Of course Grandma obliged and had change for her whenever she wanted. Here she is tossing her coin into the fountain. We told her she couldn't tell anyone her wishes or they wouldn't come true, and she didn't...until later. 

She told me one of her wishes later by pretending that she was talking to herself. She thought that would get her out of the no wish coming true. But then she got worried that maybe that wouldn't work and by telling me her wish it wouldn't come true. So that night in the middle of the night she woke up and said, "Oh no, I don't think my wish is going to come true. Maybe if I eat all my breakfast it will come true." The next morning I woke her up to go eat breakfast and she remembered her midnight rambling! "Oh yes, I will eat all my breakfast so my wish will come true."

One last thing, do you see the glass partition on the other side of the table? Julia didn't either. She wanted to walk on the other side of the tables as we were leaving the food court (we went there to get ice cream) and ran smack into the glass. I don't think she even realized what had happened afterwards when she came running to me, just that it hurt!

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