Thursday, March 07, 2013

Disneyland Part 2

The week after we went the first time we went back to Disneyland one last time before our visitors headed home (and we decided to join them and travel to Utah too, but more on that later.)

We started the day back at California Adventure to get in some rides that we had missed the first time. We thought about doing the main Cars ride, but even getting there at opening the line was 1 1/2 hr long and some people in our group had already ridden it anyways. So the kids rode the Mater ride and we headed over to the Ferris Wheel because Julia had really wanted to ride it.

We decided to get onto a swinging car and since we packed everyone into one car it was really a swinging ride! As we first started to move there was no swinging and the kids were just enjoying the relaxing view. The suddenly we got to an angle when the car could start swinging and woosh we went. The kids freaked out! It was pretty hilarious. Julia was actually scared during the first swing because it surprised her, then she thought it was fun. But the other kids were pretty scared the whole time we swung, even Micah wrapped his little arms around my neck and wouldn't let go.

One last ride on the Merry Go Round.

Waiting in line for Dumbo

Meeting Princess Jasmine. This was the only princess Julia saw because we just ran into her and didn't have to wait in line. At first Julia stood back a little and was like, "Is this really a princess?" Then I guess she decided the princess was legit and started to talking her ear off about what she liked about Disneyland.

Waiting for the Tiki Room. Micah loved it.

I love that Micah is staring at the characters in all our pictures. What is THAT?

Minnie's House

Micah looks awestruck.
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