Monday, December 23, 2013

Last of the Christmas Activities

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Just a few more things that we have been doing to celebrate Christmas this year:

We went to a living Nativity at a nearby church. They had a series of dramatized scenes about the Nativity story that you walked through. It was a little long for us I think, but a nice way to remember what the Christmas season is all about. Here is Julia at the end with the living Nativity scene. Baby Jesus was a doll though!

Micah stole my phone during the King Harod and the Wise Men scene and took a bunch of selfies.

We made orange chocolate Christmas tree suckers. Orange because it was on sale after Halloween. Micah learned a new word because of it, "Sucker." He would walk into the kitchen where we had them displayed until they were gone and yell, "Sucker Sucker Sucker!"

Not really Christmasy, but Micah decided one morning that he was going to make us pancakes.
In reality, we had already eaten our pancakes and the griddle was already cold. These leftover pancakes were sitting in a tupperware next to the griddle. So after Micah finished his breakfast he saw everything still sitting out and dragged over the stool, took the leftovers out of the tupperware, put them on the griddle, and started flipping them like he sees me do. He always wants to be "helping" and he keeps a close eye on everything we do so he can imitate. He is very much his father's son in that he always needs to be doing something productive.
Camden's catching up to Micah! Camden is in his 6 mo. clothes, and Micah still wears some 12 mo. clothes (although mostly he wears 18 mos.)

The the Winnie The Pooh outfit that the other two wore at 6 months old.

Making gingerbread houses. Again, Micah watched Julia and followed right along decorating.

And last, for FHE last night we drove around and saw the lights in Claremont, while eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate. This house has music to go along with the light display, so we let the kids out of their car seats and they joined us in the front seat to watch the show.

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