Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Shenanigans. That's a new favorite word around here. We use it to describe the latest trouble Micah, and sometimes Julia, are getting into.  Like to write this post I had to let Micah roam free to get it done. He decided he wanted a drink of water, so he dragged a stool over to the counter and grabbed a cup sitting there, then dragged the stool to the fridge and got himself some water from the water dispenser. He did it great the first time, then he decided to get more. While he was filling up his cup the second time he looked away and it overflowed. He was not happy to have the water get all over. I cleaned it up and dumped some of the water out of his cup.  But then he tried to get off the stool still holding the cup and spilled everything else left in his cup. Shenanigans.

This post is all the latest stuff (not necessarily trouble though) we have been up to that never got it's own post.

I filled up the bathtub for Julia, but she heard it and ran away. So while I ran after her Micah ran in and started splashing in the water with his hand, but leaned a little too far and fell in. I heard the splash and had to abandon my Julia chase to go check on Micah. He was mostly surprised. I started to take off his clothes, but then thought I should document it. Probably confused him even more.

 Camden is smiling! So adorable. He's getting to be quite the handsome little man.
 When my parents were still here we went to Newport Beach for an afternoon. Julia went home with them. When we were ready to go Camden woke up and was hungry, so we stayed a while longer while I fed him. Then we were hungry and realized there was a Cafe Rio in Newport Beach. Yay! Camden fell back asleep so it was just Robert and I and Micah having a nice little dinner at Cafe Rio. It was fun to get some one on one (two on one?) time with Micah. He is such a fun, sweet , clever little boy.

 That day was also my cousin Annette's birthday, so we had a birthday cake for her at our house. It was her first time seeing the ocean. That would be a great birthday right? Julia was super excited that it was actually someone's real birthday. She loves to pretend everyday it's someone's birthday.

 My brother Richard came out the weekend before Thanksgiving so we got to spend some time with him before everyone else came. We went to the park and hiking.

 Micah loves getting underdogs. This looks like it was all one push, but it's actually four different underdogs. He just kept asking for more.

Robert and the boys grew awesome mustaches for Movember, but they had to shave them off before the blessing. I'm such a mean Mom ;)

Julia wore her Aunt Lauren's dress from when she was a little girl. She said we should take a picture and show Lauren, so we did.

She also got her first school pictures.

 Julia helped to decorate our house for Halloween and Thanksgiving with all the crafts she made in preschool. Here she is sporting her Indian headband and bead necklace she made for Thanksgiving.

Micah loves Camden, but we need to be careful to watch him when he is around the baby or he will poke his eye or jump on top of him. Micah is learning about body parts and he loves to poke out, er, point out, people's eyes.

 Some more brotherly love.

We got a few visits from Grandpa and Grandma Wheat. They came for Thanksgiving and for Julia's primary program. Her part was "President Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet today. I love him because he teaches us good things." She delivered it flawlessly, but a bit loud. I told her she needed to say it loud because I was afraid she would whisper it, but she overcompensated because she of the microphone. Still cute though, everyone loved it. 

Camden's shenanigans has been to grow bigger.  Here he his next to Micah. It has been confusing with them wearing different size diapers but the same brand because sometimes we will go to change a diaper and grab the wrong size because they look exactly the same. Micah still had plenty of diapers in stock, so when Camden ran out I bought Camden some Costco brand diapers, but they don't come size 2, just 1-2. By the end of the box I had to squeeze him into them and he was having a blowout every time he pooped. So we decided to just put them both in size 3 diapers because they both fit in them fine.

Camden with his onsie he wore at the hospital.

Robert's shenanigans. He welded together the plumbing piece for the shower in our bathroom remodel (the one we started last November..). I'm always amazed at some of the stuff he knows how to do. Besides all the plumbing he also did the electrical work and put in the sub-floor. But since all that has taken over a year (he just doesn't have a lot of free time) we are now considering getting someone else to finish it for us.

Not Robert, but a co-worker. His company always does a big service project every year where the entire company goes out and serves (and they also do office service days too, where it's just the thousands of employees in the L.A. office doing service). They've painted schools and done beach cleanup before. It's pretty amazing considering how much money hourly each of these employees would be bringing in if they spent the day working instead, probably millions of dollars. So this year they went to inner city schools and taught financial literacy. 

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