Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year Halloween included pumpkin painting with pumpkins grown in my parent's backyard. Micah took a late nap the day we were going to paint the pumpkins, so Julia painted hers by herself while Micah slept because she just couldn't wait. Then Micah painted his at 10:00 pm after he had woken up from his nap and was too wired to go back to sleep.

 Camden painted his the next day.

All their completely painted pumpkins, and our half painted house.

We also went to my parent's ward Halloween party because our our new ward had no Halloween party, weird. They are having a chili cookoff this month, but still....
 Getting ready to go to the party. Queen Elsa, the cowboy/sheriff, and Yoda. I showed Micah his costume and told him he was going to be Yoda, and he was excited about it, but he had no clue who Yoda was. Then I showed him a picture of Yoda. He said, "I Yoda. Yoda scary."

Julia actually wasn't feeling too well and just wanted to sit at our table.

Later we carved pumkins, also from my parent's garden. 

 Robert brought out the power tools to carve the pumpkins. It was sooo much easier than having to saw at it with a knife. Camden was in awe.

The older kids thought it was cool too.

And loud. But of course, that made it even better.

 Julia drew her face on herself and Robert helped Micah draw a face.

 They helped clean out the guts.

 The finished products.

On Halloween day we went to Julia's school parade (it was packed in the cafeteria where they paraded for the parents) and then went trick or treating at Robert's work where they made out like bandits (pictures on our nice camera, so I don't have access to them right now because I can't find the thumb drive to transfer it onto the computer.). They were one of the last kids to come through before everyone went home for the day, and everyone was just giving them handfuls of candy because they were about to leave and wanted to get rid of their candy.

We didn't really need to go trick or treating around the neighborhood after that because we had plenty candy, but that would be a very disappointing Halloween indeed with no real trick or treating, so we still went down our street for an hour. We stopped at Julia's best friend's house across the street, Alisha, and Alisha and her Mom were just about to go out too, so we went out together. The girls had a great time together, and Micah and Camden did too. It was the warmest Halloween in decades, you didn't even really need a jacket, so it was a beautiful, fun evening. My Mom and Dad came over to hang out with us too (it's been a while since they've had little kids around to celebrate Halloween with, and Halloween is always more fun with kids). We had a fun group.

The day after Halloween we went to Cornbelly's for their last day. It was super windy, but my Mom had bounceback tickets to use and it was the last day to use them, so we went for couple hours until the temperature dropped and it started raining. We still had fun and at least there were no lines while we were there.

I really was lost...but somehow we made it out.

Robert said this is blackmail material....

The rain stayed away just long enough for us to see their 500 lb pumpkin drop. And then the rain finally let loose and we skedaddled out of their in a hurry.
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