Saturday, November 08, 2014

Random Roundup

 A few random pictures from life lately. 

 Camden voted, or came with me to vote at least. Micah did too, but he was asleep in the stroller the whole time.

Camden also has decided that he loves Halloween because he whines and gets candy whenever Micah and Julia get some.

My parents had a train table at their house, and now it is at our house. Much entertainment (and sibling bickering over who gets what train)

Julia is getting ready for her dance recital next month,

She had crazy hair day at school and helped me come up with this do.

Fall is here and we have been trying to get in a few annual musts, like playing in the leaf pile.

They were so cute asleep in the jogging stroller together.

 I didn't realize it until I uploaded these, but Julia has not given up the princess pose.

At home

The park

The Draper Temple

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