Monday, November 24, 2014

BYU Football

Our proximity to BYU was a major factor for Robert in our decision to move to Utah. So naturally he got season tickets to the football games this year. I told him I would join him for three games, and the other three games he could choose someone else to invite.

It was nice having three built in date nights without the kids (my parents watched them). It was a little bit of a déjà vu feeling being back at LaVell Edwards Stadium with just Robert and I. We had fun together in the home opener.

Robert also took his Dad to one game, and Julia to another. Julia also enjoyed being with her Daddy and the excitement of the game. I prepped her by teaching her the fight song, what to do on a third down conversion, and giving her a pom pom and telling her to watch the cheerleaders if she starts to get bored because they can do some cool stunts. Her favorite part was when the Cougars scored and Robert lifted her up in celebration. Then she wanted him to lift her up on every touchdown.

The home opener was on Sept. 11

The third game I went to was against UNLV, in November. It was 25 degrees and an evening game so it was literally freezing. I thought we came prepared well with thermals and snow pants and extra blankets, but we were still freezing. I couldn't believe that there were so many kids there, but most of those people did leave at halftime. We stayed until the very end of the game and there was hardly anyone left in the stands.

Robert didn't end up going to the very last game because he was sick and it was raining and cold that day. With no more home football games left, we have basketball season to look forward to now!

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