Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

For Thanksgiving this year we chose to drive out to Elko and spend Thanksgiving with Robert's parents. 

Camden was all set for the big meal

Grandma helps Micah get his two year old portions

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without some Martinelli's.

The sweet potatoes were a BIG hit with Camden.

Later on Julia and Grandma made chocolate covered reindeer marshmallows, and Micah benefited from their craftiness by getting to eat them,

The kids loved playing with Robert and his siblings old toys that Grandma and Grandpa still have around. Robert also loved playing with his old toys...

Besides that we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of Black Friday shopping in Elko, It was a small town, but it meant the crowds weren't as big or aggressive (and the short lines were great). We got almost all of our Christmas shopping done with the help of the Grandparents to watch the kids while we shopped.

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