Sunday, December 07, 2014

Julia's Ballet Recital

After we moved to Draper I decided to enroll Julia at an actual dance studio since she loved her little tap class that she was in before. We compromised since I wanted to to keep doing tap and she wanted to do ballet, so she is in a ballet/tap combo class. She has a lot of fun doing it and takes it pretty seriously.

For her big recital yesterday they just did one ballet number, Wrapped in Red. There are only three girls in her class and they all did a great job. Julia worked hard on it, and even practiced at home a few times. We especially worked on her leap because she didn't know how to do a leap. I guess it's one of those things we can do as adults that we take for granted as being easy, but for a child it actually takes a lot of thought and coordination.

When I picked her up from backstage after the show she was pretty famished and cranky, and surprised to see so many people who had come to support her. We had 16 adult family members there- both sets of her grandparents, my grandparents, four of her aunts and uncles, two of my aunts, and two of my cousins, and Robert and I (and Camden and Micah). So she wasn't in much of a mood to take pictures, but we got a few good ones out of her.

 Getting fed some strawberries.

Showing us how she took a bow when she came back out with all the dancers at the very end of the show.

 She loved her flowers, she said that was the best part of the whole recital. Both grandmas got her a double pink rose boquet.

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